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ยป News Archives - Summer Time

June 16th, 2010, 9:01 am

Summer Time

I am sorry once again for the lack of updates, but I moved into a new apartment last month(my sister wanted to go shopping for it so my weekends are usually busy with that).

To comment back on the recent News Post. I did create a new layout for the Summer.

I moved the Artist page to the about section. I added a FAQ section, Chatbox, new links on the link page. I also added the Facebook and My Twitter account to a section on the right side called the Support Section. Here you can support the comic by becoming a fan on FaceBook or follow me on Twitter for updates on OT.

I am heading to Otakon this year again, this time I maybe carrying around promotion cards or something for OT, I don't know yet. I am however going print out OT bookmakers for Dana to trade with her :3 that will be awesome! ^-^

I like to hold a contest but I want all characters to be introduce first and not all have yet :p hehe but they will...very soon so Stay tuned!

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