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ยป News Archives - Whats going on?

May 3rd, 2010, 12:06 pm

Whats going on?

So here is the deal, the past week I have been staying at my sister's apartment, room mate drama won't go into that. So I am sorry I've slacked on the updates. I would like to update Tuesday and Friday once I get organized. I might be moving into a apartment with my sister once she can find someone to take her place in her current lease.

Sadly I didn't get to make it to Free Comic Book day! ;.; I was going to meet with Kata from Altar Girl finally, but something came up and I could not go.

So right now please excuse the late updates :p you still are getting them just on a different date then I plan!

Setsucon released their dates for next year. I am going to keep a eye on it so that I may get a table there. :3

I may go to Otakon for the say then head down to the beach.

In closing this post I like to leave you with this pic!


Also I just bought my first car!! hehe its name is Sora and its been my dream car since the 7th grade!


DanaBoBana, May 3rd, 2010, 12:13 pm

I just got your message on DA, let me know if your going!! It would be so cool to meet you!! ^___^ I just registered to go for the weekend, and I can't wait, I'm so excited!! XD That's so funny that you're b-day's the day after mine! X3 *high fives*

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