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BakaMonMon, March 3rd, 2011, 8:37 pm

Result Time!!!

hehe come back next week :3

I loved coloring in markers for tones, something different haha, well what I said is true Tides Ave is based off of the places I've lived or visited.

I've visited San Diego, CA and was born in Monterey, Ca(though I don't remember living there I was just a baby)Every summer I go to OBX for our family vacation. Va Beach visited and grew up around there. And finally lived in Hawaii :3

Check out Drawing Party's newsletter for March. Lily and her crazy poofy hair have been spotted

mappy41 - hehe we know but does she?

DanaBoBana - hhehehe :D

van_maniac - we shall see what happens next! :3

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User Comments:

DanaBoBana, March 4th, 2011, 7:07 pm

Suprise!!! XD (hahaha!)

So technically we're all 25% right! Everybody wins! 8D