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Main Characters

Name: Lily
DOB: December 15
Likes: Swimming and sweets
Family: mom, dad, and a aunt
Lily is a 18 years old, and is entering her first year of college. She enjoys the beach and is always amazed with something. She has yet to choose a major for college, but right now all she wants to do before that is relax and enjoy her summer.
First appeared: Chapter 1

Name: Alex
DOB: August 17
Likes: Surfing
Family: mom and dad
First appeared: Chapter 1; Speaking in Chapter 2

Name: Connor
DOB: June 20
Likes: Surfing, reading, and eating snacks
Family: mom and dad
Connor works at the Tiki Hut with Hoku as a waiter. He has grown up around the beach all of his life and takes up surfing as a hobby. He may seem like a flirt to Hoku but he is very nice and thoughtful. Unlike some of the locals, Connor doesn't really care if tourist come and surf as long as they are polite and patient for their turn to surf. Hoku and Connor have been friends since the 2nd grade.
First appeared: Chapter 1

Name: Hoku
DOB: January 8
Likes: Surfing, photography, sea shell collecting
Family: dad, 2 brothers and a pet gold fish
Hoku is Connor's best friend who also works at the Tiki Hut as a waitress. Though he is thoughtful, Hoku thinks Connor is just a big flirt. She is the youngest of 3, two older brothers. She not as girly as her dad would like her to be, she is rather tomboyish. When she is not working or surfing she also volunteers as a Lifeguard.
First appeared: Chapter 1

Name: Rose "Aunt Rose"
DOB: March 4
Likes: romance novels and cocktail drinks
Family: mom, dad, and sister(Lily's Mom)
Rose is Lily's aunt who works in real estate. She enjoys her work since she spends most of her time around the beach area renting houses to tourist for the summer.
First appeared: Chapter 1

Other Characters

Name: River
DOB: February 21
Likes: surfing, cooking, and ice cream
Family: dad, 1 brother and 1 sister

First appeared: Chapter 2

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